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∴ What We do √ Creating MT4 Customized Expert Advisor at affordable cost – $60 to $200 / EA Project – MQL Programming Service

Zen Software Production offers a full range of MetaTrader 4 programming services with own development of algorithms for certain customer-specific automatic trading applications on 7 days a week, 24 hours. You have a MT4 strategy but need it coded including special request of customized ? We create comprehensive and also competitive Expert Advisors based on your trading rules. We offer fast and flexible EA testing solutions tailor made to specific customer requirements. We test and qualify EAs. Our programmers are specialized in performing complex EA test applications including own development of test-programs and robots. We help alter code for No Dealing Desk Forex Execution, Design custom indicators that better fit your style & Implement scripts that help you manage your trading.


⇒Step – 1 √ Send your EA strategy – Get a quote and estimated time to build it

»1. For turning your mechanical manual trading system or strategy into an automated EA or Indicator, send your EA or Indicator strategy description (how it will work) to this email address with custom indicators.

If you are going to use MT4 built-in internal indicators then define those indicator names and their input parameter settings, Take a chart snapshot of any timeframe or few snapshots (zoom in your chart’s candle sizes [+/- keyboard shortcut] and show us where a buy order will be opened and where a buy order will be closed, draw some horizontal and vertical lines on chart to show us exact bar or candle, Must mention market prices there, market prices are very important to understand every steps of the strategy as well as mathematical calculations, send a template file if you are able to save your chart setup with indicators with all settings, for saving a template file select menu-bar Charts->Template->Save Template and send the .tpl file. Send all project associated files to our email address. Try to send everything in one email. Our Coder-team will check the strategy and within 72 hours they should notify you the EA or Indicator building fee and estimated time to build it.
Here is a chart snapshot example, snapshot is taken by a free snapshot software you can download from here.

Please do not send us too many document files, pdf files or text files as well as do not send embedded snapshots, send snapshots by attaching with your email. Simply write down your strategy in an email and send to us. Just describe buy order entry and exit conditions with features or options you want. A simple EA or Indicator which costs less but if you want lots of options or features the same EA or Indicator costs much.

You need to describe your trading strategy stepwise, mathematically and shortly in the email. (important)

What is a trading Strategy, you know – After opening your MetaTrader-4 terminal from which candle you would start your manual trading, what mathematical calculation you would do first, you would take a buy order at what BID/ASK market prices, what would be your indicator’s visual settings, line conditions, crossover conditions for taking a buy entry and at which candle you would close your buy order. How you would manage order (for example puting StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop, TrailingStep, Breakeven, Partial closing, order closing by opposite indicator signal etc). Though we provide these options and features for free with all Expert Advisor we build. Would you put pending order for example buystop sellstop buylimit selllimit orders, you would trade in London session or only in Newyork session or only in Asian session etc etc – Your complete trading working is your trading strategy which you want to make automated until to the exit which is you just closed your Metatrader-4 terminal software and stopped trading and you will start tomorrow. Perhaps you became tired or exhausted and you can not sit in front of your PC 24/5 in this way. The EA or Indicator we will build which will not take rest or will not be tired or will not exhaust, EA/Indicator will continue trading 24/5 for you at anytime anywhere for you like an auto pilot.

A well defined chart snapshot describes everything for the Coder-team, smaller snapshots are hard to understand, try to send larger snapshots by zooming in the chart and focus at the exact candle you are working.

If you write down many text block on chart then put some consecutive serial numbers in front of text blocks, for example #1 entry one, #2 entry two, #3 exit one, #4 exit two, #5 this indicator condition will be like this, #6 this indicator condition will be like this, #7 here a buy order will be taken #8 here a sell order will be taken, #9 here the existing buy order will be closed, #10 here the existing sell order will be closed – it is necessary when something you are reading on a chart by a serial number basis. (if applicable)

If you send only buy order entry and buy order exit conditions, this is ok too, sell entry and sell exit conditions will be vice versa.

We receive hundreds of phone calls daily, talking with all by phone become harder for us. Situation does not support us, our time is as valuable as money, you need to realize this first. But if we require to call you, definitely we will call you if necessary but that is after payment and for on-going project issues for clarification. Though coder-team only suggests that chart snapshots are quite enough for building their projects. If you add our Skype chat (not calling purposes) then you should must get one of our coders available there 24/7 who will respond you fast and will try to answer your questions if they are not so much busy with projects. Generally 50 to 100 EA or Indicator projects retain pending all the time with us, We all programmers pass very busy time 24/7, we even work at forex weekends. When sending us email, always try to put everything in one email, do not send email after email containing 1st part and containing 2nd part, please do not do that, take time, write your strategy very clearly, attach custom indicators and mainly chart snapshots and send everything in one email and hit send button, it is because we receive very large quantity emails daily, which one is yours and which one is not yours finding these out turns into a ambiguity problem.

Do not send large video files to our email address please, upload video file in video hosting server and send us download or playing URL, this will be fine if you want to send us video demonstration. Video should be uploaded by you, we do not check commercial or forum video demonstration requesting someone to build an EA.

Sometimes we receive emails asking questions about our coder team that who are they and how experienced they are, where they work, if they have some public profiles etc. Our coders make not less than 1k USD a day and they are highly educated and experienced software engineers. We do not disclose their unique identity. We provide not only MQL programming services but we also work with many other Software Companies and Forex associated businesses.

›You want to chat with us before submitting your project, Our website livechat and Skype livechat customea.mqlcoder which are available to you 24/7. Always email us. You may take a look into our FAQ section for more information.

»2. After project submission, we will clarify you an estimated cost and delivery time within 24 to 72 hours.

»3. You need to make the full payment before the development start. Payment methods are below (at step-3).


⇒Step – 2 √ Development Time & Costs

»New EA or Indicator programming fee is $150 to $200 or $60/hour for very small projects.

»Depending on the EA coding complexity, the implement time varies from 3 forex days to 5 forex days, for large complex projects estimated time varies.

»Existing EA modification or adding extra features fee varies from $60 to $200 or $60/Hour.

»We will provide you a cost and estimated time after receiving your project description and analysis within 24 to 72 hours. Most of time we become out of schedule due to work-load, we recommend to talk to our livechats or email us for getting our current status and project’s remaining time for delivery.


⇒Step – 3 √ Payment Methods

»We accept payments made by credit/debit cards (through, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Bankwire/WesternUnion (from returning customer only). We also have an external payment processor which we use infrequently, actually 3rd party payment processor does not fit us well in most cases, here is our mycommerce payment test page.


⇒Step – 4 √ Delivery, BUG Testing, Revision, Refund Policy

»After delivering your EA [ex4 with 4 weeks time limitation] to your email address, You need to put the EA on a metatrader-4 live demo account for 3 weeks to check out if your all specifications/requirements described in your provided strategy are present in the EA and the EA is working properly. It is called BUG testing. Whenever you complete the bug testing you can ask the full version with mq4 source code by simply sending an email to us that the EA is working fine and you are ready to get the full version with mq4 source code. Full version will allow you to trade in metatrader4 real accounts and testing in strategy tester. You can ask the full version with mq4 source code even in one hour after getting the bug testing EA delivery.

Live bug testing is important because as soon as we complete an EA’s coding, there may exist programming bugs, as well as problems causing of frequent indicator repainting, old indicator memory buffer conflicting with new mt4 version, EA mal-funtioning causing of you are not bug-testing how you should do it, as well as you may fetch technical problems for example you are changing input parameter values when the EA is already attached in a chart, in this way this demo EA may contain unexpected complications, tangles and errors. The EA may not have any BUGS at all. Sometime we receive emails asking customer that the EA is not working properly but when we test the EA in our demo account we see that the EA is working very fine, We then connect our customer’s desktop by TeamViewer software and check the issue in details.

If You get any errors/problems/bugs, let us know, we will fix that immediately or within 24 to 72 hours by sending you an updated bug testing version for 100% free of charges within this 3 weeks bug testing time-range. But all bug fixing will be according to your submitted strategy you had sent before payment.

Not only this 3 weeks bug testing, if you fetch any bugs or part of your strategy does not work even after your 3 weeks bug testing time-range, definitely coder-team will fix those issues for 100% free of charges whenever you will return to us. But it should be minor or smaller bugs or problems and according to your submitted strategy.

If coder-team becomes unable to fix any EA’s major issue [according to your submitted strategy] within this 3 weeks bug testing time-range, then we will issue a full refund for you.

»Please note that we will not accept any back-test result by mt4 strategy tester within this 3 weeks bug testing time range. It is because the EA may contain bugs and it is still not ready for strategy testing purposes. After bug testing whenever you will confirm us that the EA is working fine, We will send you full version with mq4 source code. With full version you will be able to use strategy tester as much as you want and how you want, whenever you want. Strategy testing will be turned off by default in your bug testing EA.

»While bug testing simply attach the EA in one pair for example GBPUSD, timeframe M1 or M5, please do not attach the EA many pairs and timeframes, this will help you to detect any bugs faster if there is any.

»Please note that after getting full version with mq4 source code, refund is not possible in anyway or by any means. Coder-team will be completed with this project.

»Our website livechat and Skype livechat customea.mqlcoder which are available to you 24/7. or simply Email us.


⇒Modification √ Existing EA

»Generally We modify and add extra features to the expert advisors which was coded by us. We do not modify decompiled EAs as well as commercial 3rd party EAs. It takes us 3-4 days to study an existing EA for doing a single modification, at the same time we can build a new EA for you if you know your existing EA’s complete strategy.

»An ex4 (binary file type) indicator can be used in an EA efficiently, it is not imperative that your indicators must need to be in mq4 (source code file type). If you change filename of your indicator used in an EA then the EA will not work. Contact with our website livechat or Skype livechat 24/7 or simply email us if you have any issue.
Email us for any queries and concerns anytime you have to our email address